Minutes from the August 25, 2016 regular board meeting



THURSDAY, AUGUST 25, 2016 @ 7:00 P.M.

After the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, the Supervisor called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M. @ the Hollis Town Hall, 6430 W. Wheeler Road, Mapleton, Illinois 61547-9615.

Clerk – Board Members Present for Roll Call:

Supervisor Gary W. Thomas; Clerk Kelsey A. Archer; Trustees: William J. Gerdes, Sandra E. Fruge and James E. Bailey.

The Supervisor announced a quorum was present. Trustee Brian B. Fengel was absent.

The Road Commissioner Dennis Beckman attended this meeting; the Tax Assessor Alice B.

Dailey was not available.

Visitors: Tal Beckman. ( no comments )

APPROVE MINUTES of Previous Meetings:

At this meeting tonight, copies of the July 28, 2016 Minutes from the Regular Monthly Meeting were distributed to Board Members for their review and approval.

MOTION to accept the Minutes as presented made by Sandy Fruge; second Jim Bailey. The

motion passed unanimously with all ayes.

AUDIT CURRENT EXPENDITURES, Investments, Transfer of Funds, Budget Line Item Transfers:

1. MOTION to accept for payment all Town Fund Invoices as presented to the Board on the Disbursement Summary August 25, 2016.

Motion Bill Gerdes; second Jim Bailey. The motion passed with all ayes on a roll call vote.

2. MOTION to accept for payment all General Assistance Invoices as presented to the Board on the Disbursement Summary August 25, 2016.

Motion Jim Bailey; second Bill Gerdes. The motion passed with all ayes on a roll call vote.

3. MOTION to accept for payment all Road & Bridge Fund Invoices as presented to the Board on the Disbursement Summary August 25, 2016.

Motion Sandy Fruge; second Bill Gerdes. The motion passed with all ayes on a roll call vote.

4. MOTION to accept for payment the Joint Bridge Fund Invoice as presented to the Board on the Disbursement Summary August 25, 2016.

Motion Jim Bailey; second Bill Gerdes. The motion passed with all ayes on a roll call vote.


While weeding the flower beds around the Town Hall Building, Trustee Jim Bailey was stung by a wasp – nest hidden in one of the bushes. Jim has sprayed and knocked down all the nests that were visible; however, there are wasp nesting under the gutter guards near the front door. An attempt will be made soon to take care of this issue.

COMMUNICATIONS & Correspondence:

The General Assistance Fund received a check dated August 12, 2016 for $3,430.00. This is reimbursement to Hollis Township from the State of Illinois Human Services for an SSI Applicant who was approved in July 2016 to begin receiving Supplemental Security Income in August. We have been assisting this applicant with a monthly flat grant for 14 months. There is a considerable amount of paper work, bookkeeping and follow-up to insure this reimbursement is received.

Townships are required to pay interim assistance @ $245.00 per month to applicants who are waiting Supplemental Security Income while their case is pending. The Township has a 4 year written contract with the Illinois Department of Human Services regarding reimbursement.

The applicants are required to sign form IL444-2199 AUTHORIZATION FOR REPAYMENT OF INTERIM ASSISTANCE which is an additional contract between the applicant and the Township stating that the applicant agrees to have the Township reimbursed for its monthly assistance (after being approved for SSI) prior to the applicant receiving their retroactive lump sum payment.

This IL444-2199 Original must be sent to the Social Security Administration at the onset; a copy must be sent to the IDHS Office of Fiscal Services, a copy to the applicant and a copy retained in the Township Offices. In addition, at the anniversary signature date by the applicant, the Township must resubmit these copies to the Social Security Administration and to the Office of Fiscal Services.

TOWN BUSINESS ~ Supervisor:

The Supervisor has had another complaint about the house and property located next to the Tuscarora Fire Department on Tuscarora Road. The grass is not being mowed, there is debris visible and is generally is in a state of neglect.

Peoria County Zoning now has an address for a Financial Institution located in Chicago whom they believe is handling this property; correspondence will be forwarded regarding this situation.

CLERK BUSINESS / Business & Comments: nothing.

ROAD BUSINESS ~ Highway Commissioner:

1. We still have the hot patch machine from Falcon, Inc. of Galva, Illinois for testing before possible purchase. They have not asked for its return. Denny is talking with a sales representative from Falcon – he is looking to see if they have a different hot patch machine that may work better for us. More information will be presented when available.

2. Peoria County Highway Department Motor Fuel Tax:

Fund Balance for Hollis Township received dated August 8, 2016:

There have been many entries since our last report which was detailed through February 29, 2016 and showed a balance of $10,939.56. (Too many to list at this time; however, a copy of the full report will be attached to the Minutes of this Meeting.)

Trustees, please find your copy of this report with the Agenda materials presented for this meeting tonight – August 25, 2016.

As of July 31, 2016 the current balance is a negative ( $ 8,978.50 ).

3. The Peoria County Highway Department has not yet applied a center stripping on McCullough Road which was promised several months ago. Dennis Beckman has asked about this again and was only told that they just haven’t gotten to it yet.

TRUSTEES/ Information / Business:

Trustee Bailey discussed an email he received from Brian Smith, Executive Director of Township Officials of Illinois, regarding a survey form submitted by the Lt. Governor for the State of Illinois. Survey is requested by August 31, 2016.

The Road Commissioner will work on completing the survey and asked Board Members to submit any information they would like to include. Our Clerk, Kelsey Archer will submit the survey.

TAX ASSESSOR’S OFFICE / Information / Business: Not available for this meeting.



1. Township Officials of Illinois ~ 109th ANNUAL EDUCATIONAL CONFERENCE

Sunday, November 13th ~ 15th , 2016

@ the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Springfield, Illinois


Begin on Page 20 for specific details. Read Carefully.

Elected Officials are responsible for making their own hotel reservations. Hotel reservations must be received by October 13th and must be guaranteed with a credit card. Rooms will be assigned the week of October 24th. The Township will reimburse only 2 nights lodging.

MOTION to approve payment for the Township Officials of Illinois 109th Annual Educational Conference pre-registration fees – Full registration is $165.00 per person for Monday & Tuesday for this Conference to be held at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Springfield Illinois November 13-15, 2016. Approval is for all Elected Officials and the Administrative Assistant.

This motion includes approval of reimbursement for only 2 nights hotel expense as well as reimbursement for mileage, and food expenses. Receipts must be submitted. Please do not combine any food or beverage purchases on the same receipt with another elected official; it makes reimbursement too complicated.

Motion Bill Gerdes; second Gary Thomas. The motion passed with all ayes on a roll call vote.

Trustee Bill Gerdes and Road Commissioner Dennis Beckman asked to be registered for this Educational Conference. The check will be issued September 29, 2016 at our Regular Monthly Board Audit Meeting.

2. Discussion ~~ regarding salaries for the New Terms of Office which begin May 2017 was tabled until the September meeting.

Must set salaries no later than November 16, 2016 / therefore, we will set them October 27, 2016.

3. MOTION to adjourn made by Jim Bailey; second Sandy Fruge. The motion passed unanimously with all ayes. Meeting adjourned at 7:54 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Kelsey A. Archer, Town Clerk

Kelsey A. Archer