Minutes from the November 30, 2006 regular board meeting

Communications & Correspondence

  1. A letter was presented from the Peoria County Dept. of Planning & Zoning requesting members for the Six Small Planning Areas. No action taken.
  2. There was a brief discussion about the trailer parked on property off Cameron Lane. As this is a temporary situation no action needed.

Town Business

  1. The Supervisor reported on the Peoria County Board of Appeals tax protest hearing involving CF Industries and Goldschmidt Chemical held Nov. 2, 2006.

Clerk Business

  1. The clerk reported on a meeting held Nov. 2, 2006 presented by Ill. River Valley Council of Gov't the topic being the Proposed Electric Rate Increase.

Old/Unfinished Business

  1. Township Tax Levy Ord. #06-11 was adopted.
  2. Road District Tax Levy Ord. #06-12 was adopted.
  3. Consent for Tax Levy Increase Ord. #06-13 was adopted.

New Business

  1. Brief discussion on Peoria County Township Officials Dinner to be held Dec. 17 2006. The payment for this was approved as well as the purchase of a door prize.
  2. Gift Certificates for employees were approved.
Roger Hostetter, Sr.