Minutes from the December 28, 2006 regular board meeting

  • Communications & Correspondence
    1. A petition was reviewed which had been submitted by Robert & Vicki Caudle concerning property located at 10317 S. Reed City Road.
  • Town Business
    1. Information was received concerning the 100th anniversary of T.O.I.
  • Road Business
    1. Discussion on the Dec. 1st snowstorm.
    2. Commissioner working with Pat Meyer on road improvements.
    3. Review of the pending purchase of a new International tandem truck.
    4. Request the Cconsideration of a new salt storage facility.
    5. Report on the Court Hearing held Nov. 1st 2006.
    6. Report on upcoming Court Hearing for the unlawful removal of township property during the first week of Oct. 2006.
    7. Pending cell phone plan change.
  • Trustees
    1. There was a request for updated information on the Port Authority District.
  • New Business
    1. A motion was made, seconded, and passed for payment of registration fees and expenses to attend the T.O.I. Spring Workshop for those interested in attending. Various dates and locations are being offered.
Roger Hostetter, Sr.