Have you thought about putting up a mailbox that will stand out from the rest? Have you thought about putting up a mailbox that is indestructible... one that could delay the progression of a tank? There are guidelines from both the Illinois Department of Transportation and the U.S. Post Office that define such things as height and methods of installing mailboxes. In order for your mailbox not to be a hazard to motorists, it must have light weight supports. This means no concrete pillars, I-beam "posts," stone aggregate held together by wire cage, etc. Your mailbox must meet road sign standards and be able to break or bend if struck by a vehicle. U.S. Post Office regulations give good guidance: "Heavy metal posts, concrete posts and miscellaneous items of farm equipment such as milk cans filled with concrete are examples of potentially dangerous supports. The ideal support is an assembly that bends or falls away when struck by a vehicle.(U.S. Post Office regulation 632.524)" Why does this matter to you? Because you might be liable for personal injury or property damage if your mailbox is considered a "hazard" by IDOT and U.S. Post Office definitions and it is struck by a car, truck or other motorized vehicle. If you are planning to replace your mailbox support, or are considering placing multiple boxes at one location, contact the township road commissioner for guidance.
Dennis Beckman