Minutes - THURSDAY, JULY 20, 2023 @ 7:00 P.M.

The Clerk will announce the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag @ 7:04 PM

The Supervisor will call the meeting to order.

Board Members Present for Roll Call: Supervisor: Russell L Zeine__x____
Trustees: William J. Gerdes __x____ Rich D Murray __x___ Stacie L Breedlove __x___
Maurice L Super __x____ Clerk: Rhonda L Hodges ___x___

Supervisor: Announce quorum present.

Note Attendance: Road Commissioner - Dennis Beckman _x__ Tax Assessor - Alice Dailey __x__

Visitors: Vicky Murray

Corrections or Additions to Agenda: Additions to the agenda may be discussed; however, if action
is needed by the Board such action must be taken at another meeting when the topic is posted on
agenda 48 hours prior to the meeting.

APPROVE MINUTES of Previous Meetings:
1. Prior to tonight’s meeting, copies of Minutes from the Regular Monthly Meeting held on
May 18, 2023, was distributed to Board Members for their review.

MOTION to accept the Minutes as presented with correction of date to June 15, 2023 made by
_R. Murray ; second __S. Breedlove. Motion carried with ___5____Ayes __0___ Nays

AUDIT CURRENT EXPENDITURES, Investments, Transfer of Funds, Budget Line-Item Transfers:

1. MOTION to accept payment for all Town Fund Invoices as presented to the Board on the
Disbursement Summary July 20, 2023, in the amount of $ 5,997.96.

Motion _R. Murray______; second __S. Breedlove___

Roll call: Gerdes X Murray ___X____ Breedlove ___X____ Super ___X____ Zeine __X____

2. MOTION to accept payment for all General Road Fund Invoices as presented to the Board
on the Disbursement Summary July 20, 2023, in the amount of $ 22,755.83.

Motion _W. Gerdes_______; second M. Super .

Roll call: Gerdes X Murray ___X___ Breedlove ___X____ Super ___X___ Zeine ___X____

3. MOTION to accept payment for all Joint Bridge Fund Invoices as presented to the Board on
the Disbursement Summary July 20, 2023, in the amount of $ 806.00.

Motion _R. Murray_______; second W. Gerdes .

Roll call: Gerdes X Murray ___X___ Breedlove ___X___ Super __X___ Zeine ___X___

VISITORS ADDRESSING THE BOARD: Vicky Murray introduced herself to the board


COMMUNICATIONS & Correspondence: Letters to Vistra Corp about Edwards Power plant Coal/Ash
removal. Russ passed around the letters for the board to review that Dennis Beckman and himself will be
mailing to the IEPA. The Township and Road District have concerns about the negative impact of moving
the coal ash to another location instead of following the impoundment closure plans. The board discussed
and felt the letters should be sent and discussed options to inform residents.
TOWN BUSINESS ~ Supervisor: Discuss and Take Action on generator bid. Russ presented bids from
3 companies. A public bid was not required due to the pricing mark. The Oberlander bid was $ 29,995.00
for 1 generator which includes running a line to the transfer switch for the Township building. Another
option is 2 generators, one for each building, which would be $1000 less. Bill asked about annual service
costs and Stacie asked if he spoke to CIES for a bid. Russ will get additional information to present next

Russ spoke about Tuscarora Fire District’s ISO rating and the effects it is having on insurance costs. In
September 21, 2022, the Fire District was a 10. On December 15, 2022, they merged with Timber Hollis
and the ISO blended the rates, so the combined rating is a 5. The board asked questions concerning the
rating and Russ informed them 1 is positive with 10 being a negative rating. Insurance companies look
at 10 being no fire coverage and Russ is getting calls because insurance polices are coming due with
higher amounts. This is only involving those properties in the Hollis Township/Tuscarora area.

CLERK BUSINESS: Rhonda stated budgets are recorded and posted.

ROAD BUSINESS ~ Highway Commissioner: Dennis discussed the lights out on Route 24 and
Cameron Lane recently and no stop signs were put up for almost 36 hours. Dennis was appreciative of
the drivers who were handling things themselves by watching and being careful of others. He felt it was
uncalled for that the State nor Peoria County came out immediately and put out stop signs.

Dennis had to inform 5 semis hauling dirt on Hurst Lane that they cannot be on the road, and he will
contact the authorities if they do not adhere to this.

A resident on Gerdes Road keeps sweeping gravel to the middle of the road. The road crew has cleaned
up 3 times now and Dennis has had to explain they cannot continue to do this. He will keep monitoring the

Dennis informed all that the roads were swept today to prepare for spray patching.

Peoria County Highway Department Motor Fuel Tax Report : No new report

TRUSTEES/ Information / Business: Russ asked who is interested in State Fair tickets Saturday,
August 19, 2023 and will get tickets for those requesting them.

TAX ASSESSOR’S OFFICE / Information / Business: Alice stated property is being assessed and
tax amounts will be increasing. She will be attending school in September.


NEW BUSINESS: The educational conference will be held November 12-14, 2023, in Springfield. The
Board will check their schedules and discuss attendance next month.

MOTION to adjourn made by _R. Murray_______; second __S. Breedlove____. The motion
passed unanimously.

The Meeting adjourned at 8:07 PM.

Agenda Notes by Rhonda Hodges

The next Regular Monthly Meeting is scheduled for August 17, 2023

Rhonda Hodges