The Clerk will announce the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag @ 7:00 PM

The Supervisor will call the meeting to order.

Board Members Present for Roll Call: Supervisor: Russell L Zeine__X____
Trustees: William J. Gerdes ___X___ Rich D Murray __X___ Stacie L Breedlove absent_
Maurice L Super ___X___ Clerk: Rhonda L Hodges __X___

Supervisor: Announce quorum present.

Note Attendance: Road Commissioner - Dennis Beckman __X__ Tax Assessor - Alice Dailey ____


Corrections or Additions to Agenda: Additions to the agenda may be discussed; however, if action is needed by the Board such action must be taken at another meeting when the topic is posted on the agenda 48 hours prior to the meeting. _________________________________________________________________________________

APPROVE MINUTES of Previous Meetings:

1. Prior to tonight’s meeting, copies of Minutes from the Regular Monthly Meeting held on
December 21, 2023, was distributed to Board Members for their review.

MOTION to accept the Minutes as presented made by R. Murray _; second _W. Gerdes__. Motion ___4____Ayes __0___ Nays

AUDIT CURRENT EXPENDITURES, Investments, Transfer of Funds, Budget Line-Item Transfers:

1. MOTION to accept payment for all Town Fund Invoices as presented to the Board on the Disbursement Summary January 18, 2024, in the amount of $ 27,173.24.

Motion _R. Murray__________; second __M. Super__________

Roll call: Gerdes X Murray ___X____ Breedlove _______ Super ___X____ Zeine ___X___

2. MOTION to accept payment for all General Road Fund Invoices as presented to the Board on the Disbursement Summary January 18, 2024, in the amount of $ 14,652.68.

Motion _M. Super_______; second .

Roll call: Gerdes Murray ______ Breedlove _______ Super ______ Zeine _______

VISITORS ADDRESSING THE BOARD: Joyce Herrod thanked the board for IL Commerce commission has closed the document. They have heard the company is contacting people again and if the board has heard or do hear of information, they are asking if we will share. Russ stated he has heard they are surveying. Joyce stated they heard they are buying property. Tazewell county Brimfield and Hanna City trying to take samples.

TOWN BUILDING, GROUNDS & EQUIPMENT: Russ stated the Oberlander bill is included in this month’s bills. Gas line was marked out today and he called Michael Clawson with the gas and he is sending email on construction side because we have to uncover the snow so they will know where it is so they can work on this tomorrow. He is supposed to get a call when they are going to do it because we don’t want to do this if they are not with the weather.

COMMUNICATIONS & Correspondence: Local 649 is applying for tax exemption. Received a letter dated November 29 2023 but just received post marked Jan 9 2024.
TOWN BUSINESS ~ Supervisor:

CLERK BUSINESS: Economic statements will be out soon cannot connect again this year

ROAD BUSINESS ~ Highway Commissioner: Received 100 ton of salt and has ordered another 50 tons. Not sure when it will get here. Down to about 14 ton. Ordered last Wednesday and supposed to receive in 3 days, called today to find out where – they are busy. Did not get anything from Peoria County for MFT.

Russ mentioned he called about the sign Stacie asked about, but now all signs have been removed. Smallwood. Russ is waiting on a call back.

Peoria County Highway Department Motor Fuel Tax Report:

TRUSTEES/ Information / Business:

TAX ASSESSOR’S OFFICE / Information / Business: Budget presented with no changes.
$ 13,650.00


NEW BUSINESS: Decennial meeting next month.

MOTION to adjourn made by _________________; second __________________. The motion
passed ________________

The Meeting adjourned at ______.,
Agenda Notes by _______________

The next Regular Monthly Meeting is scheduled for February 25, 2024

Rhonda Hodges