The Clerk will announce the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag @ 7:00 PM

The Supervisor will call the meeting to order.

Board Members Present for Roll Call: Supervisor: Russell L Zeine_X___
Trustees: William J. Gerdes __X____ Rich D Murray __X___ Stacie L Breedlove __X___
Maurice L Super _Absent____ Clerk: Rhonda L Hodges __X____

Supervisor: Announce quorum present.

Note Attendance: Road Commissioner - Dennis Beckman _X__ Tax Assessor - Alice Dailey _X__

Visitors: Trudy Heitzman, John Heitzman, Joyce Harat, Rose Stetler, Scott Stetler, Marcella Stetler, Melissa Alvey, Kimberly Strack, Penny McGee, Ron McGee

Corrections or Additions to Agenda: Additions to the agenda may be discussed; however, if action is needed by the Board such action must be taken at another meeting when the topic is posted on the agenda 48 hours prior to the meeting. _________________________________________________________________________________

APPROVE MINUTES of Previous Meetings:

1. Prior to tonight’s meeting, copies of Minutes from the Regular Monthly Meeting held on
August 17, 2023, was distributed to Board Members for their review.

MOTION to accept the Minutes as presented made by S. Breedlove ____; second _W. Gerdes______. Motion ___4____Ayes __0___ Nays

AUDIT CURRENT EXPENDITURES, Investments, Transfer of Funds, Budget Line-Item Transfers:

1. MOTION to accept payment for all Town Fund Invoices as presented to the Board on the Disbursement Summary September 21, 2023, in the amount of $ 5,072.07.

Motion __R. Murray_______; second __S. Breedlove_____

Roll call: Gerdes X Murray __X___ Breedlove __X___ Super _Absent___ Zeine ___X___

2. MOTION to accept payment for all General Road Fund Invoices as presented to the Board on the Disbursement Summary September 21, 2023, in the amount of $25,834.87.

Motion was made by _R. Murray_ to pay the invoices along with 3 supplemental bills totaling $ 16,517.70; second W. Gerdes .

Roll call: Gerdes X Murray __X___ Breedlove ___X____ Super _Absent___ Zeine __X___

3. MOTION to accept payment for all Joint Bridge Fund Invoices as presented to the Board on the Disbursement Summary September 21, 2023, in the amount of $ 6,800.00.

Motion __W. Gerdes________; second R. Murray .

Roll call: Gerdes X Murray ___X__ Breedlove __X__ Super _Absent____ Zeine __X___

VISITORS ADDRESSING THE BOARD: Joyce Harat presented information concerning CO2 high pressure pipelines, a map of the proposed pipeline from Wolf Carbon Solutions, Pipeline regulatory and knowledge gaps, Agricultural Impacts of High-Pressure CO2 pipelines and Satartia Mississippi pipeline rupture information. The residents present at the meeting spoke about their concerns about the pipeline, especially for our fire districts not being equipped for a disaster such as Satartia. The residents are asking the board to pass a resolution to present to Peoria County so they can slow down this process until the pipeline updates are completed by the PMHSA-Pipeline Hazardous Material Safety Administration.

TOWN BUILDING, GROUNDS & EQUIPMENT: Seeding will be done near the hall soon.

COMMUNICATIONS & Correspondence:
TOWN BUSINESS ~ Supervisor: Discuss and Act on generator bids. Russ presents a bid from CIES of $ 30,895 that the board had asked him to obtain. With the other bids presented Oberlander at $29.995 is the lowest. William Gerdes made a motion to accept the bid from Oberlander with 1 generator. Rich Murray seconded.

Roll call: Gerdes X Murray ___X__ Breedlove __X__ Super _Absent____ Zeine __X__

CD is coming due in October and Russ recommends we just roll it over. All were in favor of renewing the CD.

Diane will be out of the office but will have all bills paid prior to leaving.

CLERK BUSINESS: Eric Lofgren emailed about web page and a price increase. He is hoping to find a different company without much disruption to the Township webpage.

ROAD BUSINESS ~ Highway Commissioner: Denny contacted Martin Implement for a new hoe and they are 6 to 12 months behind on getting a unit. He looked at 310 but they do have a 410 on the lot. He is waiting for pricing on the 410 and then he would have to look at bids to see if we can get it. Russ asked if he is trading in the old one and Denny said he is not sure but could possibly get more if we sold it instead of trading.

Denny stated there is no salt contract yet, but we have some but not enough for the entire season.

Denny had an issue with South Summit Ave and maintaining the road. He thought it was a private drive, but it is Township responsibility per maps he reviewed.

Peoria County Highway Department Motor Fuel Tax Report : no report

TRUSTEES/ Information / Business: Stacie spoke about the paperwork that the Citizens against the pipeline presented and asked questions of Joyce. Joyce stated she can speak to Stacie about information she has that the board can do to help.

TAX ASSESSOR’S OFFICE / Information / Business: Alice stated letters from the county about assessed values were sent out. She has received 30 calls about these. If residents call about their assessments, she will attempt to help but does not have control over this. Alice stated every 4 years values are raised on property using a formula to value.

She stated RP Lumber was sold and they reached out to her about lowering their taxes. Alice does not do commercial property assessments, so county will come out to assess the property.

The solar farm is valued as farm ground, but it is supposed to be valued at kilowatts they can produce not what it is producing. Alice stated they are looking into this.


NEW BUSINESS: Discuss CO2 pipeline. Russ asked what the board thinks about using the resolution presented, preparing our own or contacting attorney. The Clerk will create something from the information provided.

Denny Beckman had called Russ after learning the Village of Bartonville is thinking about annexing the plant which will affect the park and fire districts and take tax dollars from Hollis. Russ is going to call the attorney we used last year to discuss options to fight this and he stated the fire district will probably fight it.

There was some confusion about the billing for Perspective magazine, so everyone’s copies ended up being delivered to the hall. Diane is working on getting this corrected.


MOTION to adjourn made by _R. Murray____; second _W. Gerdes__. The motion passed with all ayes.

The Meeting adjourned at 8:32PM Agenda Notes by Rhonda Hodges

Next Regular Monthly Meeting is scheduled for October 19, 2023

Rhonda Hodges