Are they any rules about mailboxes?

Have you thought about putting up a mailbox that will stand out from the rest? Have you thought about putting up a mailbox that is indestructible... one that could delay the progression of a tank? There are guidelines from both the Illinois Department of Transportation and the U.S. Post Office that define such things as height and methods of installing mailboxes. In order for your mailbox not to be a hazard to motorists, it must have light weight supports.

Why are some roads sealcoated during the summer and others are not?

The township does not sealcoat all roads each year. Sealcoating is not designed to build up the road bed; it is to keep moisture out and dust minimized. Thus, it is not usually necessary to sealcoat each road each year...once every five to six years is normally adequate. We do check for cracks and deterioration each year, however, and will sealcoat any road that needs it even if it was done the previous year.

Why do you use a boom mower to cut along the roadsides?

The boom mower is both a labor saving device and a safety tool. The other option is to use chain saws that take much more time and can be dangerous to the operator. We also prefer using the boom mower to the use of herbicides for environmental reasons. The brush and scrub trees that are cut by the mower are potential obstructions to a clear view of the roadway and thus a safety issue for drivers.

Are there size requirements for culverts or can I put any size in?

The minimum for new installation of driveways is 15 inches in diameter and 30 feet in length, although some may require a larger diameter culvert. 

The Road District is not responsible for the installation or repair of culverts, although the Road Commissioner does have the authority to require the correct size culvert is being installed. We also require that 10 inches of course material be applied from the edge of the road to the culvert.

Check with the Road Commissioner if you have any questions on what your property requires.

If I see illegal dumping, what steps should I take?

If you see the dumping occur, note the license plate number and report it to the county sheriff's office. If you see items that have been dumped that could pose a driving hazard or that is particularly unsightly (for example, a mattress or appliance), call the township office and talk to the road commissioner or a member of the road crew. Or leave a message for the road commissioner if he is not available. In your message, be very specific on the location of the dumping. Thank you for your community involvement.

Does the township cut or trim trees in the right of way (ROW)?

The township has responsibility for the ROW along township-maintained roads. On occasion, we may have to trim or cut a tree if drivers' vision could be obstructed or if low hanging branches could pose a problem during a heavy snow or ice storm. Often homeowners are aware of problem trees and take steps to correct their obstruction. When that does not occur, the township will do the cutting back.

May I plant wildflowers on the right of way (ROW)?

If you plant wildflowers on the right of way near your home, please let the township know so the flowers will not be inadvertently mowed during summer operations. It might be a good idea to post a sign indicating that the area is planted in wildflowers and should not be mowed. Leave a message for the Road Commissioner at 697-6252, including your exact address and a phone number so a confirmation call can be made.